Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Proud Mom Moment

My proud mom moment of the weekend:

We took the kids to the children's museum on a rainy, humid, Labor Day Monday.  Katelyn is potty trained (wearing underpants), Olivia is working on it (sometimes wearing underpants or free-balling it at home, always wears a diaper out of the house.)  Getting my kids ready to leave the house is a little like a circus act.  Clothes flying everywhere, shoes on wrong feet, last minute potty trips, sippy cups & snacks packed, etc. etc. etc.  Somehow in the midst of all of this neither Ron nor myself remembered to put a diaper on Olivia.  She was wearing the cutest little dress that I made, low cut socks, and sneakers -we sacrifice style for practicality around here... (sneakers are a must for climbing, running around, etc.)  Fast forward 50 minutes later: Olivia & Katelyn are playing with the plastic fruit at the pretend farm stand at the VERY crowded kids' museum.  I'm standing 7-8 feet behind them wondering how much longer I have to endure this kind of heart-palpitating kid watching/losing/finding/watching/losing cycle.  Olivia turns to me, says "pee-pee."  I proudly call out, "do you have to go pee-pee baby?"  I walk over to her, reach down to feel her diaper to see if it's wet and discover that there is no diaper, my daughter is now wearing wet socks & sneakers and standing in a puddle of pee, and my hand is also wet with pee.  Awesome.

I immediately grab each girl by their hand, drag them around the area of the museum that we are in, dump Katelyn with Ron & whisper to him that we forgot one very important thing: Olivia's diaper.  Off we went to the restroom to clean her up, remove wet socks but put back on the wet shoes, (didn't know I had to add extra shoes to my diaper bag), and notify a museum staff member that my daughter had "a, ummmm, ahem, an accident" over near the farm stand of the play area.

Yea, that was definitely my proud mom moment of the weekend.  Maybe of the year.  What's yours?

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