Monday, June 18, 2012

My 7 Day Diet- Day 1

Hello bloggy world!  It's been a while, I know, and I've missed you.  Unfortunately I just don't have the time to sit down and post as much as I used to.  Ok, I probably do have the time, but it is taken up by other things.  (Damn you, Facebook, Pinterest, and Draw Something for iPad.)

I'm bringing myself back though, and I've decided to go public with my weight loss to do it.  Blogging about my weight loss is something I've never been really comfortable with, for many reasons.  I'm more of a quiet dieter who hopes people (who don't know I'm trying to lose weight) notice that I look thinner.

But I've been inspired and I've decided to keep track of my journey here for a little bit.  I've been attending Weight Watcher meetings for about 3 months now.  I've lost about 11 pounds in that time, and I feel like it's a huge roller coaster.  The first 5 pounds came off fairly quickly, but the next 6 or so pounds did a yoyo on the scale each week.  I'm not disappointed with my loss, (11 pounds is nothing to sneeze at!) but I wish it were more, and I've recently been wondering if there is something I could do to just completely shake things up and get my body into biggest loser mode.  Then my friend Kelly started blogging about her "Weight Loss Experiment."  Read it here.  When I read her blog last Monday night, it couldn't have been more timely for me, as I had just finished out a not so great week with my yoyo scale.

Kelly was going on a "crash diet," as some would call it.  A "7 day cleanse," the "cabbage soup diet," a "detox plan," call it what you will, but after reading her blog for a couple of days, and doing some research on this idea, I was inspired.  So here I go...

Today has been interesting.  Fruit only (minus bananas) plus as much Cabbage Soup as my heart desires.  I love fruit, so I figured it should be a easy day.  And for the most part it was.  The hardest part for me had little to do with food, and a lot to do with beverages as I am a total caffeine feign.  A typical day for me starts with a huge mug of caffeinated tea, followed by a travel mug of coffee to take to work.  Mid afternoon I have another large coffee, and sometimes a super-sized Diet Coke as well.  I know... it's bad.  So giving up my beloved coffee and other caffeinated beverages posed to be quite a problem today.  A problem so big that I caved around 2pm and made myself a small cup of coffee.  That took care of my massive headache, and allowed me to get through the rest of my afternoon feeling normal and less sluggish.  A cheat?  Yes.  But it had to be done, so I don't feel bad about it.

As for the foods I ate today, it went a little something like this: almost half of a watermelon for breakfast. Pineapple for a mid-morning snack (not recommended because of the high glycemic index, but it was on sale and I love it so whatever). Cabbage Soup for lunch followed by a bunch of cherries.  2 green apples for afternoon snack, and a very large bowl of Cabbage Soup for dinner.  Oh, and I have drank about a thousand glasses of water.  I have felt mostly satisfied, and after dinner I had tons of energy which led me to scrub my hardwood floors (on my hands and knees nonetheless), and clean 2 out of 3 bathrooms in the house.  Normally during the week I do none of that.  I may sweep and wipe down the counters but that's about all, I save the heavy cleaning for the weekend.

I did have a craving for cheese for most of the day  Probably because I had very little salt, and I cut a bunch up for my kids' school lunches this morning.  I also felt like snagging a handful of pretzels from my kids' snack this afternoon, and had trouble watching my husband devour a bag of Chex Mix 20 minutes ago.  But I was able to curb the cravings with fruit and Cabbage Soup, or simply stepping away.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, cabbage soup has a lot more than just cabbage:

All and all, not a bad day.  Aside from my coffee slip up I stayed completely on the diet.  Will I have coffee tomorrow?  Maybe.  Will I feel bad about it and/or let my headache get so bad that I feel like crawling in a dark closet?  No.  If I need it, I'll have it.

One more thing I've learned today is not to put off the urge to pee while on this diet.  My water intake has obviously increased, therefore I've spent significant time in the bathroom.  Like every 10 minutes.  So yea, I learned the hard way to pee on demand and don't just do one more thing.  Standing at the sink doing the dishes tonight with a slight urge to pee, I thought to myself, "I'll just finish this up real quick and then go." My bladder apparently couldn't wait.  I peed myself.  Yup, sure did.  1 minute dry as a bone, the next minute not so much.  Lesson learned, it won't happen again.  At least I hope not or Olivia won't be the only one who needs to bring extra panties wherever we go!

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