Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Big Boy Bed

In the very near future we will be taking Joey's lovely crib down and replacing it with a $54 (adorable) toddler bed that I purchased from Walmart.  (stock photo below)

This is yet another piece of evidence that they are growing up.  He is growing up.  On one hand, I am excited at what this new chapter will bring.  He will turn 3 this summer, and I am looking forward to watching him go from toddler to little-kid as we move forward. 

On the other hand, I'm terribly sad.  When I was pregnant with Joey I was kind of obsessed with finding "the perfect crib."  I had my heart set on just what I thought our baby's nursery would look like, and I spent 9 months making that dream a reality.  His crib is not just a crib.  It's a reminder of the kind of excitement that anticipating your first baby (amidst a few years of fertility struggles) brings. 

I remember the day that I found this crib.  It was around the 6 month mark of my pregnancy.  I was shopping with a girlfriend at some high-end shops in Connecticut.  We went into Bombay Company. (which may or may not still be an existing company) Anyway, at the time Bombay Company was a store that sold unique, well-crafted, and usually expensive home furnishings.  They were in the process of closing out the Bombay Kids section of the store, and all children's furniture was 40% off.  So when I saw this crib that was identical to the highly coveted one from Pottery Barn Kids, I knew it was it.  The $650 price tag was suddenly not as scary when I factored in the 40% off.  I called Ron, asked what he thought, ("whatever makes you happy, sweetie") and made the purchase.  And since that day this crib has made nothing but beautiful memories of my baby boy. 

It is more than just a place for him to sleep.  It's been his comfort, his safe-place, his snuggle-nest.  Joey has loved his crib, never (until recently) showing signs of giving it up.  The only place he has ever been a cooperative sleeper is in his own crib.  He has never a Pack N Play kind of baby.  (I often dread overnight trips for this reason)  Joey just loves his crib.  I love to watch him soundly sleeping, curled up in a little ball, storing up energy for the next day.  As long as he's in a crib, Joey is still my baby.  And even though I knew this day was coming, I'm finding it hard to accept the fact that he isn't.  He is quickly turning into a boy, ready for a bed, possibly going to preschool, and doing other big-boy things.

It's not all sad to me.  I'm excited to see Joey's reaction to his first bed.  I can't wait to set it up with the adorable train quilt that his Great-Grandmother made for him last year.  (picture to follow!)  I'm hoping for a smooth transition without a lot of argument from my boy.  So while I realize that this has been yet another post about how I'm sad when my babies show signs of not being babies anymore, I really am happy about it.

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