Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Baby is... Carsick!

Can you guess which one?  This child is the only non-redheaded child of mine.  And this child has the biggest, bluest eyes I've ever seen.  If you guessed Katelyn (really, why wouldn't you?) you're right. 

I started to become suspicious of Katelyn's state of being while in a moving vehicle a few weeks ago.  She is still rear-facing, all the way in the back row of the van.  One day while she was getting over pneumonia and on an antibiotic, she started crying out of the blue on our morning drive to the park.  When I stopped the car and opened up the back to hoist her out, she was covered in yucky pink-ish throw up.  I was pretty certain that most of it was on her shirt, so I took that one off, put on a spare, wiped up the car seat with diaper wipes, and carried on.  I decided that she wasn't carsick, it was probably from the antibiotic, and didn't think too much about it again. 

Since that fateful day Katelyn has spent many-a-car rides crying in the way back of the van.  Not even a binky soothes her, and the poor thing threw up in the car on the way to the mall yesterday.  So it's official.  She gets carsick.  I'm pretty sure that they don't make Dramamine for infants, so the best I could do was turn her car seat around and move it up to the the middle row. 

Oh, and I bit the bullet and washed the car seat yesterday.  It smelled awful.  And taking it apart to get the seat cover off and then back on took me 2 complete hours.  Talk about NOT user-friendly!


Unknown said...

I get horribly carsick and so does Kenley occasionally. Maybe your pediatrician can offer some tips on what can be helpful for infants. I know for adults peppermints, lemon drops help. Hope you find something that works.

Christy said...

My oldest nephew used to ALWAYS get carsick...he did outgrow it, though..eventually, that is.

And those car seats really ARE a pain. I try to put off taking the cover off for as long as possible. Unfortunatley, puke on it means that as long as possible is only until we get home.


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