Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things That Go Bump in the Night...

...end up sleeping on the bathroom floor.

My poor little Joey has had such a rough go of this transitioning into a toddler bed.  I've found him sleeping just about everywhere, including his floor, the hallway, under his bed, next to our bed, and the latest: on the rug in our master bathroom with his little bare butt sticking up in the air.  You're probably asking yourself, "how the heck did that happen?"  Here's how:

7:30pm: Ron put Joey to bed without a hitch.
10:30pm: Before I went to bed, I peaked in on him.  He was asleep on the floor behind the door to his bedroom.  His light was on.  I left him there.
12:30am: Joey woke me up standing next to my side of the bed whispering, "I need go nigh-night in your bed, mom."  I groaned, got out of bed, and told him I'd bring him back to his bed.  He threw himself on the floor, yelling that he NEEDED to sleep in my bed.  I tried to pick him up, he threw himself on the floor and scurried into our bathroom, now yelling, "I need to go potty, I need to go POTTY!!!"  So, I stripped off his pj pants and diaper, and sat him on the pot.
12:35am: Waiting outside the door, I said, "Joey are you done?"  He frantically shouted out, "I can't try, I can't try mom!"  Ok.  I kept waiting.
12:40am:  I walked into the bathroom, calmly announcing that it was time to go back to bed.  Joey's response was less than thrilled as he shouted, "I need to try, I need to try mom!"  "Ok, Joey.  You sit there on the potty, mommy's going to go lay down.  You call for me when you're done."  Exhausted, I got back in bed.
Fast forward approximately 2 hours:
2:40am:  I woke up, vaguely aware of the fact that I never went back to retrieve my child from the bathroom.  I can see the toilet from my bed and it was vacant.  I stood up, walked into the bathroom, and there he was sound asleep on the bath mat.  Curled up in a little ball on the floor with his naked bum sticking up in the air.  I put a diaper back on him, slid his pants over his (now chilly) legs, and gently put him back in his bed.

In the morning Joey slept until 7:30, which is significantly later than he has been recently.  Maybe a midnight snooze in the bathroom just tired him out enough to sleep in.

What will tonight bring?  I don't even want to know...


Christy said...

LOL! I can totally relate...and I think tht's why this is so funny. My little one actually got her bed taken away the other night and just has her mattress on the floor right now. She was NOT happy about this.

Anonymous said...
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