Wednesday, October 17, 2012

C25K -The Mom's Perspective: Week 2

Well, I'm happy to report that Week 2 was a success.  I actually did all of my running inside on the treadmill at the Y during week 2.  While I thought I liked it better during Week 1, I'm now ready to get back outside. (And by outside I mean after dark when my neighbors hopefully won't see me.) Running on the treadmill is sooooo boooooring!  Regardless, here's a quick recap:

Week 2, Day 1:

My body was in shock as I worked to complete this first workout.  While it may not sound like much time to you, to a self-proclaimed running hater like myself, going from 60 seconds of running to 90 seconds of running was a big change.  HUGE.  At least that first day it felt huge.  I could not stop watching the timer.  It just hurt so bad.... I was convinced that I was done.  Running was over for me.

Week 2, Day 2:

Not so much.  You see, I feel so great on the days after I run that it makes me want to go back for more the next day.  It's so strange.  I have more energy, more patience, and get a heck of a lot more done the day after a work out than I did before I started this.  So in some weird way, that motivates me to go back for more... Day 2 was probably my easiest day so far.  And by easy I mean I huffed and puffed my way through each running segment without cheating the clock a few seconds.  I even turned the treadmill up a decimal point or so during the walking segment to increase my distance and keep my heart rate up.  So maybe I'm getting the hang of this.  I don't know.  I still don't like it very much.

Week 2, Day 3:

Against all odds I made it to the Y to complete my workout for Day 3.  My husband and I each had activities planned for the day, so we were passing off the child-watching duties for the day.  He wasn't scheduled to be home until 8 or so and I really didn't want to do another late night run.  So, I made a last minute decision to pack up the kids and head to the Y.  We got there in the nick of time, as the Nursery was closing in 34 minutes.  Good thing this stupid workout is only 31 minutes.  I dropped off the little boogers, and charged upstairs to the last treadmill of the row.  (I feel like people don't see me if I'm all the way at the end.)  I cued up my iPod, pushed the green "go" button on the treadmill, and got to it.  A little problem came along around the halfway mark when my iPod died.  I easily could have given up there.  "Eh, no music, no one telling me when to run, when to walk, I'm done."  But I didn't.  I timed myself, paced myself, and finished my workout with only the pounding of my sneakers on the treadmill and the sound of my own puffing and huffing to listen to.  That in and of itself was a huge accomplishment for me, as I'm pretty much the queen of excuses.

Looking Ahead:

Week 3 has two segments of running for 3 minutes.  3 minutes?  Double what my body has just sort of gotten used to?  I'm cringing at the thought.  I'm not kidding when I say I can barely get through 90 seconds.  I really don't know how on earth I'm going to double that starting now.  If anything is going to break me, it'll be Week 3 for sure.

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