Saturday, January 9, 2010


I'm proud to announce that I've been exercising regularly for several weeks now.  I still make some bad choices as to what I eat. (like the box of mac and cheese that I just ate with Joey), but the exercising has got to count for something, right?  Anyway, we have a "fitness center" at our apartment complex, and back in December I finally started to hit it up for some work outs. ("fitness center" = a small mirrored room with 3 cardio machines and some weights, but whatever.)

Sometimes it's hard to coordinate time to get to the gym, and I put off getting showered knowing that I'll be getting sweaty later in the day.  Ron is out for the morning, and my plan was to go to the "fitness center" later this afternoon.  The babies were napping, and Joey was locked gated in his cell room to play, and I began to think, "wouldn't it be great if I could get that workout out of the way now?"  Then I discovered yet another reason why I love On Demand: Exercise TV.  Did you know that there are like a bajillion different work out videos available (for free) at your fingertips?  Well, now you do.  So you don't have a reason to not be exercising either.

After perusing my options, I selected "Cardioke."  Coordinated aerobics is not my strong suit, and neither is singing, so this probably wasn't the smartest choice, but I closed the living room shades and got moving.  I'm not even sure I can describe the unsightly spectacle that took place next.  One can only imagine (or is perhaps trying not to) the disastrous sight of an out of shape, uncoordinated, tune-deaf Stay at Home Mom trying to burn some calories by singing and dancing in her living room.  I didn't even attempt the "oke" part of the "Cardioke."  It was hard enough to try to keep up with the steps and make my erratic arm swinging and foot stomping even resemble some kind of fluid movement.

Ever heard the expression, "sing like no one's listening, and/or dance like no one's watching?"  Well, since I don't have any other way of singing or dancing I tend to follow that as a rule of thumb.  And today I was very grateful for the fact that no one was listening or watching as I got my groove on with Cardioke On Demand.

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Kathryn said...

Is bajillion even a word? Keep up the good work!


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