Friday, January 1, 2010

Joey's New Year Resolution

I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions.  I've never really technically made a "resolution," but I do often spend some time on January 1st looking at my life and assessing certain aspects of it.  This January 1st is no different.  I've decided to spend more time taking care of myself.  I've started working out, and I might even try to eat healthier too!  In another light, I've decided it is time for Joey to make a change.  I love that at his young age I can decide this for him.  His Resolution is to get rid of the binkie.

Joey walks around constantly with the dreaded plastic pacifier in his mouth.  He removes it to eat or drink, and that's about it.  I really feel that his binkie-addiction has hindered his speech development, and now at 2 and a half, I'm afraid that it is time to move on from his favorite personal item.  During our trip to Connecticut we managed to lose all but one of his beloved binkies.  I was planning to go cold turkey on him, and just eliminate binkie usage all together.  But I'm afraid that without a binkie my child will not get a good night's sleep.  This may or may not be true, but I just can't risk it at this point in my life.  So we have agreed to only let Joey have his binkie in his crib.  Not in the house, not with a mouse, not in a car, not in a boat.  He will not eat green eggs and ham... Oh, sorry.  I got carried away.  But you get the idea.

Today went surprisingly well.  We stayed busy during the day, which helped keep him from asking for his binkie, and he only had one little episode missing it.  And this may be wishful thinking, but I think his speech is already improving from just one day without the plastic plug in his mouth...

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Alyssa said...

I am so hoping for a smooth transistion for you guys. Our turn is coming really soon. The binky addiction is crazy here too. Keep me posted and GOOD LUCK :) I hope it's a quick and painless process.


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