Monday, January 4, 2010

Locks I Love

I just absolutely adore the color of this kid's hair.  It's almost not fair that he's a boy because what girl wouldn't kill for this color hair?  I'm afraid that he just won't appreciate it the way that a girl would.

I've taken to blow-drying Joey's hair after his bath because I really hate for him to go to bed with wet hair.  Tonight for some reason I was just so taken aback by his beautiful, fluffy red hair.  So I grabbed the camera got snapping.  (And I was pleasantly surprised that the little point-and-shoot camera that my 11 year old nephew is loaning me did a pretty decent job of capturing the moment!)

Then I started thinking.  (this is not always a good thing...)  10 inches is the minimum donation for Locks of Love.  Wouldn't it be great if Joey's hair could be made into a wig for a child in need?  I'm sort of considering letting it grow just so someone else can benefit from the gorgeous hair that my son has been blessed with.  It would be my way of giving back.  Somehow I doubt my husband would go for this.  So I guess Joey's hair will just have to remain as Locks I Love.

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