Saturday, January 2, 2010

Greasy Head

Olivia has a mild case of cradle cap.  In case you are fortunate to never have heard of such an ordeal, it is basicaly dandruff for babies.  It is harmless and NOT caused by uncleanliness.  (I looked it up, so don't even go there...)  Olivia's is hardly noticable but she does have some flaky yellowish flakes on the top of her head.  Her case has come and gone since birth, and has recently resurfaced.  I'm guessing this is probably due to the change in climate and our very chilly trip up North last week.  For some sick reason Ron and I both enjoy applying baby oil to her head and combing out as much of the crusties as we can before bath time.  As I said, it's sick that we find enjoyment in this.  We both like to examine and compare how much we have retrieved on our respective baby combs.  And poor Olivia just hates this whole process.  Tonight her hair was covered in oil, sticking straight off of her little red scalp, and big crocodile tears were streaming down her cheeks.  So I did what any respectable mom would do.  I said, "Wait a sec.  Let me get my camera," so that I could capture a photo and some good material for my blog.


Erin said...

Sounds like you're really giving her the Nushkie treatment!!!

Kate Souder said...

I always thought the oil made the problem worse.


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